Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Rob Hasbury and Chris Long have 35 years combined experience as unit leaders in Shropshire and running Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions in the UK, Tuscany and New Zealand

AAP LOGO DofE Gunmetal

They offer Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Gold Expedition and Residential experiences in two of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Students can explore the culture, traditions and unique, spectacular landscape of the heart of New Zealand or Italy.



Students walking on rocks  DSC02434

Swimming in the river and Mushroom Pool at Piganico


See the latest photos at the mill on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/molinodisotto


3 thoughts on “Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

  1. Dear Rob and Chris, I am interested to attend your expedition in Siena for my DOE Gold Award, please could you send me the necessary forms?
    Kind Regards
    Oscar Oglina

    • Oscar,
      Go to the Tuscany section of the hasburyholidays.com site and scrole down to the where it says application form and click on it. I will also try to send you one as an attachment from my normal email.
      Rob Hasbury

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